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Welcome to our Wedding Spotlight page!  Our clients, friends and family can come relive the big day by viewing their Highlight Video or Short Film here!  These are just highlights of completed videos that can average two hours in length, which includes the ceremony and reception in real time so nothing is missed!  For full length samples, please visit our Samples Page.

Quicktime may be needed to view these clips.  If you need it, click here.  Any URL's or watermarks appearing in these highlight videos are for copyright protection and do not appear in full length completed videos.  If you have slow internet speeds or a bad Wifi connection, it will take time for these videos to load. 

Wedding Highlight Videos:

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Currently editing Summer 2019 weddings & events.

Turnover time for videos filmed early in the year (March/April), are usually within 4-8 weeks. Later in the year (September/October) 12-20 weeks depending on how busy the season was. Below, you'll see an 'Upcoming Video Schedule'. If your name appears in the top 4-6 listed, Matt's probably working on your video as we speak! Below that, see if you still need to get us any information for us to be able to complete your video.

Upcoming Videos:  Sarah & Matt;  Amy & David;  Korinna & Dustin;  Stephanie & John; Sara & Stephen; Brooke & William; Christine & Robert

Needs Info:  Amanda & Paul;  Kimberly & Jeremy;  Eddie & Debbie

Lauren & Anthony;  Bretton & Dustin;  Chelsea & Kostas; Nina & John; Jennifer & Jonathan; Cortney & Brandon; Samantha & Matthew; Claire & Travis; Loretta & Andrew; Laura & Joe; Meghan & Michael; Serena & Samuel; Stacey & Ryan