Full Length Film vs. Short Film Comparison Page

If you need help deciding, the vast majority of our clients choose our Full Length Film option. Click on the highlighted links below to view video examples of the different aspects of either editing style.

Option 1: Full Length Film 

- A Full-Length Documentary opens with a cinematic Video Introduction, some with an extensive Pre Ceremony segment, set to the music of your choice; followed by fully edited real-time footage of the Ceremony (hear the vows in full, readings, everything as it happened- we'll shorten any longer ceremony down to just the important parts per request).  The video would then flow into another cinematic segment of Post Ceremony activities such as formal photos and your cocktail hour, all set to the music of your choice.  From there, the video would go into real-time coverage of the Reception (see and hear your introductions, special dances, toasts and more, all as it happened in real-time).  Then we wrap the video up with a 4-6 minute long Highlight Video, focusing on all of the important parts of the day, set to the music of your choice... usually that one special song that means the most to any given couple:)  Entire full-length productions will run up to 2.5 hours in length (depending on the amount of coverage booked).  Some packages come with a second disk full of extra footage and other goodies like well wishes from guests!  

Option 2: Short Film 

- In this option we'll produce a 12-20 minute long Short Film highlighting the entire day in a short (but sweet!) presentation.  Often beginning with a snippet from your ceremony or other important part of the day, the Short Film is set to the music of your choice and features extensive pre-ceremony action, a nice real-time segment of the juicy parts of the ceremony and then flows back into extensive highlights from your formal photo shoot, cocktail hour and reception.  On your DVD (and digital master video) we'll also add full Ceremony Coverage and any Recepiton Coverage onto the same disk with their own chapter markers.  This includes your Ceremony from start to finish, your Reception introduction, complete first dance, full toasts or welcome speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, etc. (anything important you have planned will be in the video in full).  You'll also get a large chunk of open dancing in it's own chapter marker as well if we're there to film any of that.  Some packages also come with a second disk full of extra footage and other goodies too!