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Some are on the fence when it comes to professional videography for their special event. Those that have it, based on the feedback we receive from our clients, find it's the best possible investment they had made on their wedding day.  Simply put, imagine if you had a cinematic film of your parent's or even grandparent's wedding on par with our work today?  How priceless would that be to relive their special day, see family members from that era and experience the day's events as if you were there?

To us, a wedding video is really a 'family documentary'.  To have all of those folks on film for future generations to enjoy is priceless on so many levels. 

We're a small company and work with our clients on a personal level.  Matt Buerhaus is the founding owner with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commercial Art/Graphic Design with a Photography concentration from Towson University in Baltimore. 

Editing Life Videography actually began known as 'Buerhaus Design' (and still operates under that banner) as a design firm in 1999.  But, with our fledgling video work at the time so popular we've turned into a full-fledged video studio, producing over 1200 cinematic and dramatic wedding videos to date and hundreds of other event videos including television commercials, corporate speaking engagements, testimonial videos and infomercials (you name it, really), yet come as unobtrusive as videographers get!  All editing is done from scratch on industry standard editing hardware and software, producing unique and emotional videos that you will cherish forever. 

We work very well with photographers, use state-of-the-art equipment w/o the need for super-bright, obtrusive lights, and have an absolute passion for what we do!  We also take a lot of pride in virtually disappearing at weddings.  We're there, believe me, but our equipment allows us to blend into the background and lurk in the shadows... unlike a lot of other videographers who can manage to be a huge eyesore all day for your guests and your photographer due to their approach and obtrusive equipment.  Photographers love us so much, about 1/4 of our business come from referrals from our photo friends!

To set up an appointment with us or for answers to any of your questions, please feel free to email Matt anytime at

Fun Fact

From owner Matt Buerhaus:

While in college in 1999, I started a design company.  Hence where the 'Buerhaus Design' part of our name comes from.  The MAC computer I invested in at the time, for Graphic Design work, is what introduced me to video editing.  After seeing some of the video stuff I was doing for fun, a friend asked me to film his wedding.  His sister, who was underwhelmed by the work a 'pro' did on her wedding video,  loved our work so much, she put my email address out there on a wedding forum without my knowledge.  To my surprise, the next day, I had about 30 emails from folks asking me to film their wedding.  That was over 1200 weddings ago:)

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