All Mitzvah Packages Include

Complete Coverage

All important events will be covered and produced in full in the completed video.  See and hear all of the toasts, dancing and fun from start to finish!  

A Highlight Video

All Mitzvah productions come with a Highlight Video of the entire day's events set to the music of your choice!

Drone Footage

Whether and FAA permitting, we'll put the drone up for some aerial footage of the grounds.

Digital & DVD Delivery

You'll get the completed Mitzvah video as an online download, as well as three DVD copies (more copies available a la carte).


We've been filming Mitzvahs for over 17 years now and know the traditions and what to expect!

See an Abbreviated Mitzvah Sample Below

Due to the private nature of these celebrations, we put together an abbreviated example of a full Mitzvah video with some of the common traditions, opening credits and a highlight video (leaving out some of the more private moments like toasts/speeches, candle lighting, etc.).  View the example here!

Packages & Pricing

$40 fuel/toll fee for events outside of the Baltimore area. Other travel fees possible for events 2 hours or more outside the Baltimore area.